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We love them like family!

Morgan Gates (Slope Maint. Records Coordinator, Winter Park Resort)

Just wanted to talk a little about how amazing it is to have a vet like Carrie Nedele at our side. I have two large breed dogs (a St. Bernard and a Newfoundland Mix) and the sense of compassion and caring you get when you walk into Carrie’s practice is so comforting. My St. Bernard is getting older and has issues with his arthritis. As well as our little Newfie was only a few months old when we brought him in for his first series of shots.  She recommended several different treatments both good for my big guy and good for my pocket book. We were also able to get the little guy all vaccinated with the proper local shots and basic puppy shot series. Not only was she quick to know what to do , she also was very gentle as our St. couldn’t hardly move his hind quarters .She continued to even check up on both  of them every couple of days to see if our St.’s  condition was improving and that the pup was adapting well to his vaccinations . It did steadily and he now has very few flair ups due to her awesome recommendations on activity levels and fish oil intake. As for our pup he’s coming up on a year now and we will be seeing Dr. Nedele for his neutering soon. It’s very rare that you come across such a wonderful, consistent, nurturing person who cares as much about getting you a fair deal as treating your little four legged children well. I don’t know what we would do without her and her assistant always being a phone call away day or night! We love them like family. Thank you for everything you do.

Available for questions or concerns

Mary B, Fraser, CO

I have 2 dogs and a cat who mean the world to me.  I am very sensitive about their care and feel they are in competent and loving hands with Dr. Nedele.  I can relax when she is handling them, because I know she is well trained in the latest medical techniques, she has great judgement, and she is gentle yet efficient.  All of my experiences with her have been positive ones.  I am so thankful for her respectful and kind demeanor.  Dr. Nedele also has gone out of her way to help my pets in emergency situations.  She has made herself available for questions or concerns and has taken the time to explain options available for my pets' treatment.  She really shows her love for animals in her daily work. I highly recommend her as a trusted physician for your furry babies!

Woofin' amazing!

Linda Israel, Lulu's Fairy Dog Mom

We are lucky to have the expertise of Dr. Nedele in this valley. She is a great vet with all the latest equipment and tools.  Her education and knowledge base is vast and comforting.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for the best care for their animals.  I trust her to make the best choices for my dog based on her judgement.  She is knowledgable, kind and really cares!  I am thrilled to know that she is a phone call away.   She is woofin' amazing!

Compassionate nature

Sybil Miller, President, Mountain Pet Rescue

True to her compassionate nature, Dr. Carrie Nedele has been very supportive of and an advocate for Mountain Pet Rescue dogs. She greets every new foster and adopter with a smile and each new puppy/dog with her calm words, gentle touch and love. I wish Dr. Nedele great success in her new practice!

Consistent care, expertise and ethics

David A. Pope, CPA

The pets that you care deeply about do not always win the battles that they fight. Not all conditions are curable. Our first experience with Dr. Carrie Nedele was a deeply sad experience because we ended up losing a wonderful friend to an incurable disease. It was during that battle that we came to know and love working with Dr. Nedele. Her honest, quiet strength helped us immeasurably at a difficult time. We were so impressed that she is now the vet for all of our dogs. Thankfully all of the other issues have had happy endings and we remain impressed with her consistent care, expertise and ethics. As such, I would highly recommend Dr. Nedele to anyone.

Kind, intuitive, highly skilled


I have owned dogs since I was child, I have never been without a four legged companion in my life. I have lived in many places, used many veterinarians, including the small community that I live in now. Dr. Nedele by far is the best veterinarian my dogs have ever had, she is highly skilled, intelligent, a very good problem solver and uses state of the art equipment coupled with a strong science-based veterinarian education and who will collaborate with any colleague, and use any resource to find the best answers to identify what ails your pet. One of my dogs was very sick, I visited other veterinarians including "specialists" in Denver, hundreds of dollars later no one could comfortably identify the problem even though they had some ideas. Dr. Nedele was confident that my dog has cushing's disease and even reached out to one of her old professors to discuss and confirm her findings. After finding the right medication and dosing my dog is healthy again. She is kind, intuitive, highly skilled and genuinely loves animals, loves her science, and loves our community... I will never use any other veterinarian again. And I need to mention Kim her vet tech who is excellent and talented, she really is an important part of this animal hospital and understands veterinarian medicine, both Dr. Nedele and Kim make a great team.

Immediately felt comfortable

Suzie Royce Cruse, Winter Park, CO

When my out of town long-time vet retired, a friend recommended Dr. Nedele. I have three dogs of various ages and immediately felt comfortable in the clinic. I like that Dr. Nedele and her staff feel it is important to keep up with the latest technology and medicine. My dogs are all thriving under her practical and caring services.

Dr. Nedele is amazing!

Jessie Mullinex, Mountain Mongrels

From shots, checkups, diagnoses, treatments, emergencies - she is always calm, compassionate and presents all options that are available to help your furry friends!